Program Fees

Program Fees & Policies

Refund Policy

First $100 of program fee is non-refundable if injury or other events prevent participation in a full program. Any refund will be processed on a pro-rata basis on the remaining balance less any applicable transaction fees and a $10.00 administrative charge.

Fee Exclusion

Unless otherwise noted travel, accommodations and entry fees for regattas are extra.

Inclement Weather

Rowing, like many outdoor sports, is weather dependent. While sessions are never cancelled due to the weather, please come prepared to row in inclement weather (bring rain gear and warm clothes) and to practice indoors (running shoes). A decision, by the most senior coach present, will be made at the time of the session whether it is safe to go on the water or if an alternative workout is more appropriate. Sessions moved indoors due to inclement weather will not be scheduled or refunded.

Fee Assistance

The Kingston Rowing Club aims to make rowing accessible to all those who are interested. To that end, there are various fee assistance programs available to rowers at all levels and ages.

Please speak with the KRC Club Captain about volunteer opportunities to reduce your Club Fees. Fee reductions do not apply to RCA fees, or fees related to regattas i.e. entry fees, travel, accommodation, meals or uniform fees.