Board of Directors


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Kingston Rowing Club hosts its AGM at the end of March / early April of each year.

Governance / Structure

The following members have been appointed into the following positions as of March 2018. 

Executive Committee:

President – Michael Vandenburg
Head Coach – John Armitage
Secretary – Astrid Strong
VP Finance/ Treasurer – Tom Collard
VP Fundraising – Vacant
VP Human Resources – Ian McFarlane
VP Communications – Julie White
VP Facilities and Equipment – Steve Lutz
Captain – Rami Maassarani
 VP Programs – Vacant

Members of the Board:

High School Coordinator – Linda Lott
High School Coach – 
High School Representative – Vacamt
High School Parent – Brent Jodoin
Queen’s Representatives – Alex Bernst & Louise Munroi
Queen’s Coach – 
Queen's Parent Represenatives - Laurie Ross
Masters Representative – 
Community Representatives – Rob Gibson, Stu Robinson, and Sarah Roth
Recreational Rowing Representative – John McMillan
Registrar – Leslie Milbury
Social Coordinator – Vacant
Bingo Coordinator – Michael Vandenburg


Meetings of the board are held bi-monthly rotating times and locations.

For more information or to attend a meeting, email