Senior Competitive Rowing

Senior Competitive Rowing

Program Description

The Kingston Rowing Club Competitive groups train six mornings a week throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. This membership option is suited for serious rowers with past experience who are training with the intent to compete in seasonal regattas.

Rowers in the competitive program will be divided into groups based on fitness and skill, with the intent of creating training groups comprised of athletes of similar skill levels.

A breakdown of program fees can be found under the "Program Fees and Policies" heading, which can be accessed by hovering of the "Our Club" tab.  The fees listed under the schedule includes boat transportation to and from regattas, but does not include entry fees or accommodations. Competitive athletes will be responsible for their own accommodations at all regattas. 

Please direct inquires about this program to

from 315.00
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Visiting Rowers

A weekly membership is available for visiting rowers. Each rower must also be registered through the RCA and ORA. The weekly rate does not include boat transportation to and from regattas, and has a limit to the number of times it can be used in a season.

Weekly Visitor Membership
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RCA/ORA registration

Members must register themselves with Rowing Canada and RowOntario through the Rowing Canada Aviron website. Please follow the following steps to register with Rowing Canada:

  1. go to

  2. log into your account

  3. in the menu bar, click on REGISTER/JOIN

  4. after that screen loads, click on JOIN A PROGRAM

  5. from the drop down boxes, select ONTARIO and KINGSTON ROWING CLUB

  6. click on JOIN associated with the 2018 Rower description and follow the screen prompts

To Create an account:

  1. go to

  2. when the RCA website appears, click on CREATE ACCOUNT NOW

  3. fill in the required information and follow the screen prompts

Rowing Canada will invoice the Kingston Rowing Club for the cost of each registration. This cost is not included in KRC program fees. Members will be required to reimburse the KRC for their registration fees, and can do so by using the link below.


Registration fees to RCA and ROWONTARIO need only to be paid once per category, per registered participant annually. That fee will be collected by ROWONTARIO and RCA through the first club the registered participant registered with.

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Additional information on the new Rowing Canada and RowOntario membership models can be found at the following link: