2015 Masters Rowing

2016 Masters Rowing Program

Athletes in both of these groups are expected to be competent rowers and have experience rowing within the boat class in which they train. They should normally have more than one year of racing experience in an organized and club/school structured rowing program. The Kingston Rowing Club does not provide coaching for these programs and athletes are expected to be self-sufficient and self-directed.

Masters Competitive Rowing Program

People who choose this program are women or men who will turn 22 years of age or greater during the current calendar year, are training consistently and are competing during the current calendar year. Age categories for competitions are described as of the current calendar year.

Masters Non-Competitive Rowing Program

This program is for members who train on their own schedule for personal best results or for personal fitness. Rowers are registered as ‘Sport’ members with RCA and are only eligible to race in Stream 1 Competitive Events, unless they upgrade their membership to Competitive and pay the difference in KRC, ORA and RCA fees which would permit them to race at sanctioned local, national, and international regattas without any coaching either during that calendar year, or during the following year. The Head Coach or Club Captain must approve before water access and regatta entries are granted. Some of the club's fastest masters athletes fall in this group, either because they cannot attend the coached sessions, prefer to train on their own, or because they are unsure of when they will be ready to race. This group of athletes are invited to partake in most KRC time trials.

Coaching is not provided by the Club, however individual members or groups may wish to hire a private coach affiliated with Kingston Rowing Club.